Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 2011

I'm living up at 7,522 feet in Estes Park, Colorado, this winter, working at the Historic Stanley Hotel. It's located about 1 hour north east from Boulder, Colorado, (about 2 hours north east of Denver) where I lived prior to starting my ESL teaching journey in May of 2009.

There's no major ski resort, and not much winter tourism business; aside from the paranormal cable television show conventions that have visited the hotel. The "Ghost Hunters" t.v. show (SyFy Channel) & "Ghost Adventurers" t.v. show (Travel Channel) have been in residence as of late. The hotel is old and spooky (1909).

Cosmo’s 10 (+?) and growing a little obstinate in a cute way. For instance, he stamps a paw and gruffs when it’s about time for a treat, ahem!

The wind’s howling. A storm is blowing in. It’s March, in like a lion, out like a lamb.